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Meet the Snooze Director

I’m Emily Barrett, your Sleepy’s Snooze Director and I will be your number one resource when it comes to buying a new mattress and getting a great night’s sleep.  I am thrilled to be working at Sleepy’s with the Mattress … Continue reading

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Calling All Snooze Directors!!!!

In the history of all job titles/positions across the world, we are looking for the very first Snooze Director. Qualifications: You must have at least 18 years of sleep experience You must know how to sleep You must test mattresses … Continue reading

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Spin it! Flip it! Rotate it! Make it a Game?

We’re talking about flipping/rotating your mattress. The handles on the sides of your bed are not there to just look pretty… they do have a purpose. At least once every 3 months, you should rotate your mattress with a spin, … Continue reading

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Recycling Your Mattress

We’re recycling everything these days – bottles, cans, phones, computers, even clothes. But mattresses? In most cases, old mattresses are left out for trash and end up in already-overflowing landfills (which is not green). Here are some frequent questions on recycling … Continue reading

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How to Shop for a Mattress

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Why We Make our Beds, and HOW!

Before we get into “how to” make your bed, let’s discuss “why” we do it in the first place. A lot of men will agree that they just don’t understand why it’s necessary to have a made bed during the … Continue reading

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It’s the Middle of the Night… and I’m Awake AGAIN!

Many things can wake us up in the middle of the night: noise, thirst, bad dreams or the bathroom shuffle, but there is something more extreme called MOTN (middle-of-the-night insomnia). MOTN is when we wake up in the middle of … Continue reading

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