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Sleepy’s Black Friday Sale

Is it me, or do the holidays seem to come earlier and earlier each year?  The internet is already buzzing about Black Friday deals, which means Thanksgiving is already done and Christmas is right around the corner.  With internet searches already on the rise for 2011 Black Friday deals, I’m here to let you know that Sleepy’s will be offering you the best deals this upcoming Black Friday.

I suggest visiting your local Sleepy’s showroom to test out mattresses so that you’ll be able to decide on a mattress by the time our amazing Black Friday deals roll out.  You won’t want to miss any of our great deals for Black Friday!  Make sure you keep checking as well as right here on so that you get to hear about our Black Friday events before anyone else.

The best part about taking advantage of the Sleepy’s Black Friday sale will be that you can enjoy a comfortable and supportive new mattress after an extra long day of sales shopping.  So when you start making your first pot of coffee at 3AM on November 25th, know that you can enjoy the best night’s sleep when your shopping adventure comes to a finish.

I’ve never gone out and taken advantage of Black Friday sales, I think it’s because I love sleep more than I love shopping.  I can barely stand going to the mall on a regular day, so I can’t even imagine what it would be like on Black Friday.  But, maybe after you get a new mattress from Sleepy’s, you’ll love sleep as much as I do and won’t want to get out of bed next Black Friday (I said maybe)! 

For all your bedding and mattress essentials, Sleepy’s will have you covered with the best Black Friday deals around.  If you take advantage of our Black Friday deals, you’ll be getting a great night’s sleep at an even better price!  After waking up at the crack of dawn this Black Friday, you’ll deserve a great night’s sleep in a brand new mattress.


Contributor: Emily Barrett


  1. I really like your blog! 🙂

  2. Hi, thank you for blogging this post.
    I had an item bookmarked for a couple weeks because I will be moving in a few weeks.
    I check an item (Simmons Beautyrest Classic Hanna Plush MattressProduct Code SI1513) It was 499.99 a couple weeks and ago. I thought I would get a better deal due to black friday, especially because the site banner indicates 1/2 OFF EVERY Mattress.
    Well, bad news is that its the same price, I spoke to a online representitive (Traci) and she was extremely rude about it. She told me no name brands go on sale and I should deal with it. Well, I might of been acting too cheap about buying a nice mattress for a cheap price, but we all want a good deal as consumers. Just wanted people to know that Sleepy’s Black Friday SALE is a false advertisement, the prices are lower and low end products that normally people dont want to purchase. Take my word of advice and take your time before purchasing from sleepys, they make it sound like they’re giving you a great deal but they really arent.

    • I agree with Alex. I had the same experience at one of the Sleepy’s stores in the Mastic Beach area of New York.

      • Hey Gary, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a similar experience to Alex. I’ll be sending you an email shortly to hopefully get you some help.
        – Emily Barrett, Snooze director

  3. so the blogger obviously deleted my comment, First off the live chat attendant (traci) told me the main name brands are not on sale their advertisement is false it isn’t every mattress! Buyer beware sleepys just put that banner to make it sound fancy the product I bookmarked was 499.99 beauty rest Simmons classic the price wasn’t lowered. The chat attendant was rude and talked to me as if I was stupid. Take you r business elsewhere! Buyer beware

    • Hi Alex,

      I’m sorry that your experience with a Sleepy’s employee was unsatisfactory. I also did not delete your comments, they were just pending approval. I have sent you a personal email and have also forwarded your complaints to one of our expert customer relations specialists who is reaching out to you at this very moment as well so that we can resolve this issue.

      Again I apologize for what has happened but hopefully we can work together and fix this!

      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  4. will sleeps black friday sales on previous purchases and price match, i just bought like 2 weeks ago,, any help?

    • Hi Chris, personally I’m not sure about price matching but that’s just because I’m not a sales person. Email with your invoice number and question and one of our customer service specialists will answer all of your questions! Thanks!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

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