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Having a good night's sleep takes more than just a bedtime.

The New Sleepys Commercial Makes You Shed a Tear

There goes Sleepy’s tugging at my heart strings…  Have you seen our newest ad campaign featuring the classic Beatles’ song, “In My Life,” on TV or on YouTube yet?  It features all the different life stages from just getting married, to pregnancy and how kids grow up enjoying their mattresses.

By now we all know that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, this new ad campaign shows us just how much we enjoy our time spent on our beds.  The new commercials, which will begin airing on TV the week of December 26th, emphasize the importance of how our bedrooms really are our sanctuaries, where life’s little moments are fully enjoyed.

Sleepy’s conducted a survey just to see what people really thought of their beds and their bedrooms.  The survey results showed (of the 1000+ surveyed):

  • 60% used their bed as a spot for family gathering, having kids and pets snuggle up to bond.
  • 52% believed their bedroom was a “sleep sanctuary” and the ultimate spot in the house for comfort and security.
  • Almost 40% thought of their bed as a multi-functioning area that was used for reading, watching TV, surfing the internet and sleeping.

I think everyone can relate to this commercial at some point or another.  I remember jumping on my mom’s bed (although instead of The Beatles playing, it was The Allman Brothers).  This ad campaign focuses on just how much of our lives take place in bed, even when we’re not sleeping!  Whether snuggling with your kids during a thunderstorm or discussing your day with your spouse, Sleepy’s understands that your mattress is the focal point of your sleep sanctuary and we’ll be with you for all of life’s little moments.

Grab a tissue box and check out our latest ad campaign:


Contributor: Emily Barrett


  1. Who is singing in this commercial.

    • Hi Marilyn! Andrew Stein is singing the cover of “In My Life” originally performed by The Beatles. I hope you enjoyed it!

      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

      • Hi Emily,

        I think it’s a great commercial! Do you know if it’s possible to buy Andrew Stein’s version of this song?

        • Hi Jennifer, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the commercial! I don’t believe Andrew’s version is for sale. I would double check iTunes for it to see if it’s available there.
          – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

        • You can download a free mp3 version of Mr Stein’s song on the Loudtronix site…

  2. Your pride in this commercial is shameful. Is nothing to remain sacred or noble? Could you not have chosen something that means less to people than the creations of our popularly appointed royalty? For an encore will you use “blowing in the wind”? Perhaps you could show Dr. Martin Luther King and his wife enjoying your bed delivery service in Memphis? Or John F. Kennedy and Jackie in their White House sleepy’s model? Perhaps you could throw in a quote from Gandhi, or Buddha? While you’re at it why not nail our lord Jesus Christ to one of your beds to show how much more comfortable he would have been there and use the twin towers as a backdrop.

    • Hi Erik, As with any commercial, they can be hit or miss with a person and you are obviously entitled to your own opinions. But let’s keep in mind that at the end of the day it’s just a commercial. Sorry for what seems to have really offended you.
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

    • Popularly appointed royalty . . . ? You seriously speak of MLK, JFK and Christ in the same breath as the Beatles? Unbelievable.

    • dude … what??? it’s a freakin commercial!!! And great commercial at that. Not sure what context your post was in reference to … but it’s a great cover of a great song in a good, effective commercial … cheers to Sleepys. The peace and zen this commercial creates (duh, it’s a mattress commercial!) is reminiscent of Haagan Daz commercials ~ marketing consultant

      • Fred Lahourcade

        June 9, 2012 at 3:27 am

        Are you kidding me? Whoever sung absolutely BUTCHERED the song! I usually wouldn’t give 2 dimes and a rusty gas can about a commercial jingle, but being a Beatlemaniac and an audio engineer, after hearing this garbage I felt compelled to throw in. I’ve never felt so sonically insulted as I did by this commercial. It’s off pitch, terribly recorded and mixed, and the “singer” deserves to have his vocal chords removed with rusty dental equipment. Lennon is rolling over in his grave.

  3. I will remember this ad for all the right resons! I now connect that song to Sleepy mattress. Great ad

  4. Emily – I totally agree. It makes me feel very emotional about my bed, which has been there through the birth of my two babies! Great ad! 🙂

  5. Eamonn O'Clerigh

    January 9, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I do not patronize companies that use Beatles’ covers for their ads.

    It is an insult that part of your ad budget goes to help pay off the debts incurred by molester Michael Jackson’s estate (the music publisher).

    It is also disturbing that the (credited) songwriters, John Lennon (his estate, anyway), and Paul McCartney have no say in who or what exploits their music.

    “In My Life” has so much more meaning than whatever sort of corporate culture you are trying to cultivate.

    I mean, let’s face it, you sell mattresses, which means you rank about as high as used-car dealers in the public’s perception. (Are ye still re-selling used mattresses as “new,” within the 30-day threshold, as the federal law allows?).

    Just letting you know what the “street” is saying.

    Eamonn O’Clerigh

    • Hi Eamonn, I’m sorry to hear your strong opposition to this commercial, but I respect you for your own opinion. Feedback is feedback whether it’s positive or negative, so we can always use it. I have mixed feelings about your “used-car dealer” comment because I understand where it’s coming from, I’ve heard it plenty of times before. I started working for Sleepy’s not very long ago, just over six months now, and before I started working here I never thought about mattresses and never thought they were important. But now that I work here and have to research everyday about sleep and mattresses, I have a new perspective on their importance. (Now this is the part where you will think what you’re reading is a sales pitch, but in reality I genuinely mean what I’m going to say) Everything I read these days is about how beneficial and important a great night’s sleep is for your health, both physical and mental, and how your mattress plays a crucial role in it. I think that just by the amount of facts out there of how a quality mattress directly affects your quality of life and health, that it sets us apart from a used-car dealer (in my opinion). It’s very intimidating to walk into a mattress showroom and see a room full of mattresses and not knowing where to begin, but our Mattress Professionals have to complete a rigorous four week training period before they go into the showroom, so that they can truly be a Mattress Professional and help navigate customers through such a confusing process. I have never bought my own mattress yet (I’m just beginning my life as a young adult now) and even though I work for Sleepy’s, I’m still a bit nervous about it just because now I know HOW important my mattress selection will be. We are the Mattress Professionals for a reason, we understand how sleep affects your life and how your mattress affects your sleep. Our Mattress Professionals aren’t going to sell you something that you’re uncomfortable with, they want to find you the right mattress for you and your budget. I really hope that people will start to understand just how their mattress affects their lives and maybe then we can shake this “used-car dealer” perception. I stand behind what I said 100% and will continue to do so even if I ever leave the mattress industry. Thanks for taking the time to find my blog and comment on our commercial, and if you’ve read my comment to this point a BIG thank you!

      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

    • I was wondering who the 300+ million Americans appointed their spokesperson and to act as their conscience and moral authority.

  6. Robert Rainer, MD

    January 12, 2012 at 5:52 am

    Emily, Your job is to put an artistic spin on an advertisement which will hopefully create an emotional response for its viewers. I commend you…. You have succeeded immeasureably. I found myself rewinding the commercial multiple times and listening to the beautiful melody and touching lyrics of John Lennon’s song, “In My Life.” I may not race out and make a purchase at Sleepy’s tomorrow. But your work has definitely made an undeniable imprint on my subconscious mind. Well done.

    • Hi Dr. Rainer, I can’t thank you enough for your kind words! I am SO glad you enjoyed the new commercial. Not many people will think of their mattress as an important place in their life, but the commercial shows just how much of our lives (even the non-sleeping parts) take place in the bedroom.
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  7. Robert Rainer, MD

    January 13, 2012 at 4:33 am

    Emily, check out my article,”Alcohol, Aging, and Curing Cancer.” The Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation directly correlates that an increase lifespan is proportional to, amongst other things, the amount of sleep one obtains. Clearly, this raises the bar as to the importance of one’s mattress.

  8. Cheryl Chiarello

    January 13, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Congrats on a nice piece of advertising–very poignant without being sappy. The “evolution” of the young couple shown at the beginning, the kids, the dogs, all the way to the “senior couple” at the end, provided a nice continuity that really “warms the heart.” These visuals, coupled with the song lyrics, and even the ending with the “shooting star” of the Sleepy’s logo, all make for an outstanding commercial, which I eagerly sit through every time. Very, very nice.

    • Hi Cheryl, I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our newest commercial! I truly appreciate your words. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog 🙂
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  9. Excellent! While watching your commercial at 6 AM in the gym, it allowed me to reflect on my life and how truly blessed I have been to been married to my wife for 35 yrs, had 2 children and now 2 grandchilden, twin boys! Just last night they were over and what were they doing….jumping on our bed, while we were singing 5 little monkeys….(you know the rest). Anyway, my background is in marketing, having consulted most of my life, and from that standpoint, your right on target. Well done!!!!

    • Thanks for commenting Russ! That’s why I enjoy this commercial so much, it hits so close to home that almost anyone can relate to it! I’m glad that you appreciate the commercial 🙂
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  10. OK, someone earlier asked about reselling used mattresses that are returned. I never thought about that, but now that I see the question, and didn’t see a response from you, I’m curious. What is the answer? Do you do that? What, exactly, are the rules? Thanks for responding this time.

    • Hi Jim, I got caught up in a rant answering the previous comment and forgot to respond to that part. Sleepy’s will not resell you a used mattress, unless you ask for it. Federal law clearly states that it is a legal practice and the used mattress must be sanitized and disinfected, as well as have labels on the warranty tag which are typically red or yellow. Mattresses that are returned get broken down for it’s usable parts, such as the springs in an innerspring mattress, and can then be sold. This is common for all mattress retailers, but I want to make it clear that you will not be sold a used mattress unless you ask for it. I hope that helps!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

      • Hi Emily, thanks for clearing that up. I have a follow up question. How does Sleepy’s store the used/returned mattresses that they resell to buyers who request them? Are they quarantined in an out building or are they stored in a warehouse with new mattresses. My concern is based on all the news stories about bedbug infestations. I can’t help but wonder about potential cross contamination between used mattresses and new ones. Great song, by the way, and it’s good to see the Beatles are still attracting new fans all these years later.

  11. What a wonderful ad! It is so sad that the bitter and sanctimonious among us can’t simply take a second and admire the artistry of something so simple and touching. I wish we could all just try and find the good in people and things.

  12. @Erik M and everyone else getting so butthurt and emotionally distressed over a commercial, I feel extremely bad for you. Its a commercial, and a decent one at that. There are soo many more things in this world to get worked up about than a commercial that uses a song to depict a feeling that you didn’t feel was “suitable “. And to compare this commercial to Jesus being nailed to the cross? Are you that ignorant of a human being? ITS A COMMERCIAL! Well, for those who have respect and understanding, its a great commercial. It has a modern song that still has the ability to catch the feeling of warm-heartedness that almost only the Bealtes lyrics could catch. Not only that, but it shows how something as simple as a matress can withhold such strong memories within a structured family. Stop taking such little things in life so seriously. Just have a little appreciation for the artistic views from the creators of this commercial, and go about your days. Jesus, people are so ungrateful that they have to judge and evaluate a commercial just to make themselves feel better about themselves. Like you could do better….that’s why you’re sitting on your laptops crying about someone elses commercial instead of going to college and making something of yourselves. All in all, its a good commercial, and your too sad to realize. Good day!

  13. Hi there,
    Great ad. Would be awesome if someone could make this available for purchase. His is one of a million covers of this tube, but Mr.Stein’s is both respectful and fresh. Hook us up with an mp3, Emily!


    • Haha! I’ll ask around the office about an mp3, but I make NO promises Albert 🙂 Thanks for commenting!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  14. I really like this commercial and my 9month old granddaughter loves it even more.When ever it comes on she stops whatever she is doing to watch it. Very nice.

    • That is absolutely adorable Bernadette, I love that your granddaughter also enjoys it. Your comment has brought a smile to my face. Thanks!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director


  16. Great Commercial.
    Every time I hear the song I have to stop and listen, can’t wait till this version is released. I like the Beatles version as well.

  17. I must admit that I while I generally dislike anyone using a Beatle song to sell something, in this particular case, you guys nailed it. Using a heartfelt song and having a simple, yet beautiful arrangement, really works well. To tell you the truth, it made me a little misty. Thank you.

  18. Emily,

    While I’m a little late on the comment train, any commercial that can drive me to search out and this blog must be applauded for it’s effectiveness. It’s strength obviously lies in the heartfelt rendition of “It’s my life” by Mr. Stein. Bravo on a job well done. I think to close the loop you should suggest that the detractors in this blog perhaps just need a good night’s sleep. I have some mattress professionals I can recommend!

  19. I really love this commercial. It reminded me of all the time my mom and I spent lounging on her bed: reading, telling stories, drawing, napping, and having movie nights with brownies and popcorn. And I can’t forget jumping on the bed! It brings back many good memories. It is amazing that such a short commercial can capture all that. I also love that you used Andrew Stein’s cover. I have loved his music for a couple of years and was so excited when I heard it and knew who it was by. Anyway, just wanted so send my praise and thanks for the great, catchy, entertaining commercial.
    sincerely, Sarah

    • Thanks Sarah! It brings me back to Saturday mornings with my Mom having breakfast in bed and watching cartoons. My mom was never a fan of us jumping on the bed, but we did jump on the couches haha!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  20. I think Paul Mc Cartney and Ringo Star should be asked about the use of their song….as far as I’m concerned, their opinions are significant, and the only ones that really matter in this context.

  21. Great ad – its emotional, wide target ( Beatles song recognizable by all age groups), singer has a great voice – but more important I think is that its different. Most mattress ads are fairly obnoxious. Nice job!

  22. What do mattress stores or manufacturers have anything to do with deep heartfelt emotions? The overdone sappy song is a complete disconnect with the product. I feel embarrassed for the creatives on this project, as they were really targeting the client, rather than the end-user. This ham-fisted Pavlovian attempt really hits me the wrong way. Also, stay away from Beatles songs. It cheapens them to see them associated with banal and trite imagery. Come up with an original idea.

    I just purchased a very expensive Tempurpedic mattress from Sleepy’s. The salesman Mike from the Watchug store told me that Tempurpedic has a 90 day trial on the bed. My husband and I slept on the bed two nights and are extremely uncomfortable. We no longer have our old Sterns and Foster that we had for 11 years. We gave it away thinking we had gotten our “dream” bed. Well, we purchased it on Thursday, it was delivered on Saturday and now, on Monday I called Mike to tell him that we have to get a new bed. He told me to call customer service. Customer service told me that he is the one who has to do the paperwork. In reading the Tempurpedic 90-day warranty on the internet, it states that you have to actually purchase the bed from Tempurpedic directly on their website…READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU PURCHASE! On the receipt from Sleepy’s it states that for our bed size (king), we would have to pay a $399.00 exchange fee. We Just Bought This Bed! Now, we have to pay $400.00 more three days later???? Sleepy’s 21-day comfort exchange policy also states that you have to get a bed that is of equal or greater value and you have to pay the full price. This doesn’t seem fair when today is a holiday and we might be able to get a more comfortable bed on sale. The salesman failed to mention all of these things. I have been waiting for a call back from him for 1 1/2 hrs. I tried calling his cell phone (the one he gave me when he wanted the sale that I was always able to get him on) and I got his voice mail. I left a message. I will keep you abreast of what response I get. I just pray this doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

    • Hi Jodi, Thanks for reaching out to me. I’m sorry to hear about your experience but I’m going to do everything in my power to fix this situation. I am forwarding your email address as well as your statement to our expert Customer Care team so that they can fix this for you!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

    • Good Afternoon Jodi,

      Thank you for sharing your concern We welcome the opportunity to speak with you so we may assist you with resolution. Please reach out to me at and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. We will attempt to resolve to your satisfaction. Thank you

  24. Everytime I hear this commercial I can’t hit the channel change button fast enough. I have nothing against the song, but it is far too long for a commercial that is played about every 15 minutes. Way too drawn out and long. Most annoying commercial ever, along with the Geico pig.

    • I CANNOT agree with you more. Is everyone else’s ears broken? I honestly mute the tv when this commercial comes on. I always wonder about who edited this commercial and how in the world they allowed this to be put on tv. I’m embarrassed for sleepys.

  25. Emily,
    Ever since I first heard the commercial I’ve been meaning to check out who it is that is singing it. Never heard of Andrew Stein but he did a great job. Are there awards for “Best TV commercial” or the like?
    Also, kudos to you personally for your calm responses to what are truly far too serious comments. I wonder what programs they were watching when they saw the ad?

    • Hi Mike,
      There is the Communicator Awards that is all about awarding creative achievements, which Sleepy’s has won several in the past for our previous commercials. We’re really proud of the commercial, but I am not going to censor the conversation on this forum just because someone (strongly) dislikes the campaign. We can’t please everyone, but your kind words drown out the negativity! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  26. Cheryl Chiarello

    March 22, 2012 at 4:34 am

    I used this blog to comment on the Sleepy’s “In My Life” commercial on Jan. 16th, and said then how much I love it. As Breanna stated, it DID play a lot, but every single time I heard it, I stopped what I was doing to watch because I was entranced not just by the Beatles song, but just as much by the visuals of this family growing up, including the dogs (what dog-lover hasn’t snapped pix of their puppy or dog on\in the bed?). The past couple weeks (beginning of March) a different commercial began running–nothing special to me–the only reason I noticed it was because I figured the ad campaign for the “In My Life” must be over and it wouldn’t be running again, when, lo and behold, last night and tonight, the “In My Life” commercial was back!! And I’m still dropping everything to watch and sing along. I love this commercial. Well done, Sleepy’s, even right down to the shooting star over the logo at the end!

  27. Nice sweet commercial, lovely and sincere concept, and good choice of music. “in my Life” is one of the Beatles greats. The artists “interpretation” of the tune however, is most unfortunate; affected, banal, neo-emo whining, with no respect for the actual (music/chord form) changes. The music (and I would think the company) deserves better. Too bad. I’d still buy a bed from you though…no hard feelings. Best JW

  28. The song is one of my favorite Beatles songs and the visual is sweet but I’m sorry to say I cannot stand the way Andrew Stein covers or should I say ruins the song! I can’t push mute fast enough when it comes on. As a former vocalist, the way he drops off the notes and doesn’t hold them sounds amateur and like you found him at a karaoke bar. Hearing him do this repetitively is like nails on a chalk board.

  29. I’ve only seen this commercial once on TV but found it riveting. I love Andrew’s version of the song. I actually prefer this version to the Beatles version because it feels truer to the poignancy and nostalgia of the lyrics (always thought the original was too fast)I love the romance of the images and the “story” of the commercial. To all the haters out there who will condemn this post- I am one of those nerds who love the commercials more than the TV shows. I bought 2 mattresses because I like to support companies that aren’t afraid to put some creativity and artistry into their commercials. (love the mattresses) keep it coming Sleepys

    • Thanks Meredith for taking the time to comment on my blog. Sleepy’s appreciates your feedback AND support! We’ll keep it coming for ya!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  30. I came to the blog to find out who sang the cover of the song “In my life”. Andrew Stein does a nice job. It actually sounded like David Archuletta (from American Idol) but I was wrong. Anyway, I like the commercial because it tells a story and does not hit you over the head with it and like you’ve said, most people can relate to it. Nice job.

    • Hi Steve, now that you mention it, I totally hear a similarity to David Archuletta! Thanks for your comment 🙂
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

      • I, too, came to the blog to see who sang the song, as I was convinced it was David Archuletta as well. I think it’s a great commercial, a great version of the song, and you’re responses to the negative comments are too kind! I agree – some people clearly need to get a good night’s sleep!!!

        • Thanks Tony! I’m glad you liked the commercial, and as for those needing a good night’s sleep, I think I know just the place to help them…. 😉
          – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  31. I’m late now, too, having just heard the commercial and hating it so much I had to research it. So many comments but the two I agree with are the commercial exploitation of The Beatles song without their permission–though it is true that permission is not needed–and the response to the comment about using MLK, Jesus, etc., in a commercial, where the person rightly protested putting those names up with The Beatles. But I am moved to comment on the great job the Snooze Director has done in respectfully responding to the comments: You’re a great ambassador for Sleepys.

    • Hi Jim, I want to thank you for taking the time to go through the conversations that have been happening in this comment section. Your commendation makes me smile. And I am sorry you didn’t like the commercial, but as I’ve said before (as with any commercial) some will love it and some will hate it. It’s always great to get any kind of feedback from our customers. Thanks again for your comment Jim.
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  32. Hello,

    I love the commercial so much I had to look up who was singing the song and found this website. I am such a sensitive person and the commerical brings tears to my eyes. I don’t care about who sang it or who has the rights to the song, that is soo irrelevant to me. Its just a beautiful commerical!!! Good JOB!!!

  33. Joseph D. Marchione

    April 19, 2012 at 5:36 am

    I am not much of a TV watcher, but this was the rare commercial that actually made me get up and go into another room to see who’s commercial it was so I could track down the song. Hopefully there will be an official MP3 released. Someone above suggested a site that basically rips the audio out of a YouTube video, but 1. it’s the same artist, but not quite the same as the one on your commercial (still good though!), and 2. I’m pretty darned sure the artist doesn’t get anything for getting it that way. A buck is not a lot to ask for a song, so the artist SHOULD get paid. (remember when you had to buy a whole album just to get the song you wanted if it wasn’t available as a “single”?)

    Oh…. I am having a problem with my box spring. It’s over 10 years old, and at long last something went wrong with it…. the plastic corner protector came loose. I am appalled at the quality! JUST KIDDING! For a bed that age it’s in pretty darned good shape!

    • Hi Joseph,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m not sure what’s going to happen in regards to getting an MP3 of Andrew’s version of “In My Life,” but if I hear anything I will definitely let you know. As for your box spring, I’m not able to help because I’m not a customer service representative for Sleepy’s, but I can put you in contact with one. If you email your issue with your boxspring to, our expert customer care team will help work towards a solution. I hope that helps! Feel free to leave me another comment if you need further assistance.
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  34. This was one of those rare commercials where I actually got up and went into another room to find out who’s commercial it was so I could track down the song. Hopefully an official MP3 will be released by the artist. Someone above mentioned a site where one could get the song, but it basically rips the audio out of a YouTube video of the artist. While it not the exact version of the one in the commercial, it still is good. Still, I’d rather get it the “right” way, as I’m sure the artist is not getting paid when the audio is ripped out of a YouTube video track. 99 cents thereabouts is not a lot to pay for a song, and the artist should get paid for his work.

    Btw, I’m having a problem with my box spring. It is about 10 or so years old and at long last, the plastic corner protector came loose! I am appalled at the quality! JUST KIDDING! It’s it pretty good shape for being that age! And if that’s all that’s wrong I really can’t complain.

  35. I actually watched and sang to this commercial. Loved this version of the Beatles song. Would purchase this song, too! Great commercial.

  36. ok so it’s been a month since the last comment and everything that was going to be said about the topic has probably already been said but anyways, i started out really hating this commercial and changing the channel when it would come on, but somewhere along the way it really grew on me and now i like it!

    it’s about time for me to get a new mattress and this commercial has definitely made me take notice of sleepy’s.

    kudos to you ms. barrett!

    • Wow King! That’s really cool how the commercial grew on your and I’m glad it made you notice Sleepy’s in your time of need for a new mattress. Let me know which mattress you pick and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here on the blog. Thanks!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  37. Where can I buy a version of this song! Gotta Have it!

    • I’m so sorry Tammy, but we do not have a version of the song to purchase. If we ever do, I’ll be sure to reach out to you and let you know 🙂
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director


  39. I love the song and the singer’s version of it, and I am 78. Just brings back many lovely memories of another time in our lives. Don’t know why people get so crazy about what they think about commercials. They’re not meant to be taken so personally, at least by thinking people. I have another life, and I love it (and so does my husband of 56 years!) May even buy a Sleepy’s one of these days, but not because of the commercial. Thanks for the fun.

  40. Robert Perlberg

    June 8, 2012 at 4:57 am

    The commercial is fine as far as it goes, but it seems to be on like twice every hour and I’m really getting sick of it. If it used the original Beatles recording I wouldn’t mind, but that sappy cover version is making me hate what used to be one of my favorites. It’s time to give this spot a rest.

  41. Fred Lahourcade

    June 9, 2012 at 3:38 am

    Your commercial pissed me off so much, that I’ve literally told everyone at my office to NEVER do business with you. It’s bad enough that you use a Beatles song, and one of Lennon’s most poignant compositions to boot, to sell f’ing mattresses, but you use a “singer” of the lowest caliber, you destroyed the arrangement, and recorded/mixed/mastered it in such a way that it sounds like I’m listening to it while sandwiched between two of the horse hair stuffed bedmats your hocking. Idiots.

  42. I absolutely love this commercial! The cover of the song, images, and commercial in whole is beautiful. Definitely my favorite commercial on tv right now. I couldn’t disagree more with the comment of the person above me. I never get tired of seeing it and actually wished it came on more times a day lol. Great job.

  43. This song means a lot to me. This is one of those songs that just can’t be covered by anyone really at all. The performance is terrible, the singer being what will be known later as a quintessential example of everything that is wrong with the utterly wimpy and overproduced, digitally super-compressed, soul-less pop music of today, and I have to say knowing that it is connected with selling mattresses makes it all the worse. Plastic soul, man, indeed. I will never patronize Sleepy’s. Goodbye is too good a word, babe, so I’ll just say fare thee well.

  44. I hate this commercial…. that is all.

  45. Danny Amoruccio

    June 29, 2012 at 5:33 am

    Hi Emily,

    I wouldn’t take the negative comments to heart. You aren’t going to win everyone over, but I think you realize that.

    It’s great marketing and I commend your company on their efforts. It tugs a bit at the heartstrings in addition to making the consumer think “Hmm, do I need a new mattress?”

    You previous ads led me to purchasing a Tempur-Pedic and honestly, it’s the best sleep I’ve ever received. The bed has a 20 year warrantee and it’s nice to see a company that you can count on, to be in business in 20 years to purchase a new one!

    I also commend you on your handling of those who have negative responses as well. You’re extremely professional and i’m impressed. I think you could write a book at the end your career with certain ‘customer complaints’!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  46. I can’t believe that anybody could say anything negative about the commercial. This guy Andrew sings it way better than the Beatles! I never liked the song until I heard Andrew sing it! Now I love it so much I spent time searching the internet to find out who is behind the beautiful voice (which led me here). Now I know it is Andrew. You are beautiful Andrew!!! You keep on singing!

  47. Emily Barrett, Snooze Director — Hello. A month or so ago I posted a question on this site inquiring whether you had purchased the rights to the song In My Life or not. Odd, you didn’t post the question or even send me a reply with your answer. Would you mind answering me directly via my email? I’d appreciate it very much. Thanks, DB

  48. There is a recent Sleepy’s commercial that several folks have mentioned. It includes a good-looking young man getting ready for work. Emily, can you help me find it?

  49. I still LOVE this commercial after all this time. Although I’m sad Sleepys never provided us with an MP3 version of the song that was on the commercial (the reason why I happened to come across this blog in my search), this commercial is still a timeless ad that appeals to the type of customers that really love this commercial – people with hearts who can relate to the warm experiences depicted in the commercials.

    The song is a Beatles classic. What I really appreciate is the happier lullaby interpretation of the song. The song has always come across as more sad, even depressed and somber at times. The vocals in the commercial on the other hand offers a soothing, comfortable, loving tone that matches the images. I never get tired of watching this commercial. This commercial can definitely go in the company’s recycle list. I look forward to seeing it periodically in years to come.

  50. Hello, Emily! I just wanted to mention that this is probably the most simple, but cute commercial I’ve ever seen. I hope that Sleepy’s keeps this commercial running for awhile seeing as though my five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son love it. It makes me think of those mornings when they come in their mummy and daddy’s room and jump on our bed. We love The Beatles and we love this rendition of “In My Life” by Andrew Stein. Well done!

  51. I love this commercial it really does remind me of all the beautiful moments with my husband of 17 years and are 5 children. I love the song and the singer and wish i could purchase it love it more than the original. We are purchasing a new bed and im definitely going to sleepy’s because of this commercial. It shows that this company gets how important a mattress is not just for sleeping but for living. I love the commercial and song so much even my 5 year old rewinds it and calls me if im not in the room 🙂

    Thanks for the beautiful commercial Emily
    well done!

  52. Cheryl Chiarello

    September 4, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Oh Dear Emily and Dear Ad People at Sleepys,
    The “In My Life” commercial seems to be making a new wave of runs now that it’s the end of the summer and I still love it and sing along. In real life, I occasionally sing solos at my church. Recently my husband said, “Some Sunday at church, you’re going to get up there to sing, and the Sleepy’s commercial is going to come out of your mouth.” Ha ha.
    And to all the people who bash Andrew Stein’s version of the song, I know you all must be intelligent folks, and I know you must know that singers put their own style and interpretation to songs. Variety is the spice of life! Enjoy it! 🙂

  53. EACH AND EVERY TIME this commercial airs (most often during late weeknight airing of The Late Show with David Letterman) I’m THRILLED to watch and sing along. Even my two 9- and 10-month-old kittens are drawn to the beautiful images + tune! Kudos to Andrew Stein for a respectful take on a Beatles classic… even if I didn’t realize until now it was a Beatles tune… distracted Beatles-lover than I am! You, young Ms. Emily Barrett a/k/a “Snooze Director”, are kind and sweet for responding to most every one of “The Peanuts Gallery”, and for being especially diplomatic with the haters… God bless (and help) ’em!

    I’ve owned 3 mattresses as an adult–the first a Castro Convertible couch + mattress, the second a Sealy PosturePedic I purchased from Macy’s, which finally gave out after 20 years of continuous use (including joyful child-, adult-, and even some cat- jumping) in 2011. My generous mate and I sleep on my third mattress, purchased from Sleep Number at a great discount and it’s THE BEST EVER!

    So while your wonderful ad hasn’t influenced me to purchase from Sleepy’s (we have two locations quite nearby often, sadly devoid of customers) I’m grateful for the EXCELLENT commercial that’s brought much pleasure to so many. My sole criticism is in this day and age I’d expect to see a twin version featuring all people of colour to air as often as the all-white version!

    Thanks for your blog and all the info. The peeps are paying attention, that’s for sure!

    AMZ Chevrestt
    Loisaida, NYC

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