Monthly Archives: January 24, 2012

Sleepys Hiring Event In Virginia

Sleepy’s is constantly growing and frequently hosting hiring events to find great talent to join our team.  Sleepy’s recruiters will be at our Fredericksburg, Virginia (full address below) this Thursday January 26th from 10AM until 8PM.  Our recruiters are looking for experienced salespeople to join the lucrative and rewarding career path as a Mattress Professional….read more

How to Decrease Stress for Better Sleep

A blaring alarm clock is the first thing that sets the snowball effect of a stressful day in full motion.  Struggling to get out of bed, hitting the snooze button too many times and you’re too late to eat breakfast before work.  After sitting in traffic during your commute you get to work and find…read more

Should Schools Start Later?

The internet is buzzing with the latest sleep debate.  Should schools start later as a means to combat teens’ sleep deprivation?  More research has been coming out that suggests that biologically, teenagers’ circadian rhythms are set to produce melatonin much later in the night, between 11pm and 12am, so they are unable to fall asleep…read more

Career Opportunities at Sleepys

I stumbled upon an article on MSN about nine different careers that have the most potential in 2012 and one of the careers was becoming a customer service representative.  Did you know that Sleepy’s is actively hiring new candidates to join our team of customer service representatives in our corporate headquarters?  A career as a…read more