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The Pillow Test

Do you know when to replace your pillows?  Do you even know if you should replace your pillows?  Many of us might still be holding on to a beloved pillow that is near and dear to our hearts.  The one pillow that been on many road trips and has traveled from hotel to hotel since you can’t fall asleep on anything else.  But did you know that even though you think you’re comfortable, that pillow might not be properly supporting you after many years of use?

There’s a simple test you can use on your pillows to determine if they are still functional.  You’ll want to fold your pillow in half and place a light weight on it, such as a book or a shoe.  If your pillow unfolds with the weight on top of it, then your pillow is still supportive.  If your pillow remains folded in half, then your pillow needs to be replaced because it isn’t supportive enough.

Typically pillows should be replaced every 1-2 years.  Having a pillow protector pad will extend the life of your pillow because it will ward off mold and dust from building up inside of it.  The average head weighs about 8 pounds, so if you’re sleeping on an old, unsupportive pillow, you’ll be waking up with aches and pains.

How old is the pillow you sleep on?  Do you remember when you last replaced your pillow?  Tell me all about your pillow stories in the comment section below!

To see the Pillow Test in action, check out my video:

Contributor: Emily Barrett


  1. So what about those “memory foam” pillows. I have a couple that are a few years old, and they will always pass the “folding” test…. Still seems as firm as the day I bought it.
    The old style/down/poly pillows – that’s a different story. They all failed the test miserably.
    Mind if I copy portions of your text for my blog? Seems pretty good advice for pillows!!

    • I’ll have to look into how to test foam pillows, if it’s different or not. I’m glad you find the advice valuable!
      – Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

  2. What a nice little Gadget !

    Didn’t know that something like this exists O.o I really must have one of those since we have issues with dust building up in our pillows and all of our bedroom. The problem of living in an old house.

    Thanks for the info!


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