New YearParty hat on, bubbly beverage in hand, counting down the seconds to a clean slate; New Year’s Eve is one of those nights where you feel like you can reach out and touch the moon. Everything is within reach and anything is possible. The heat of resolution is distinctly in the air (especially at the gym in January)…until it’s not. Why do we commit to goals only to break them days or weeks later? It seems like a crummy way to embark on a new year, so we committed to finding out ways to help stick to those resolutions.


Write Them Down

We know, putting pen to paper is a lost art form, but making lists is known to reinforce memory (we think, we wrote it down but can’t remember…kidding!). The goals you set for yourself are only as permanent as the ink in your pen. So write them down, remember them and commit to achieving them!

Write down your resolutions and commit to sticking with them!

Write down your resolutions and commit to sticking with them!

Buddy Up!

Sticking to a new resolution is easier when someone else is depending on you. Want to run an extra mile a day? If someone was by your side cheering you on, it wouldn’t be as daunting. Common resolutions are easier to tackle in pairs. Like, sleep! And getting more of it. Talk to your partner about setting an earlier bedtime three times a week and catch more Z’s. This one will also help you run that extra mile. See, everything comes full sleep cycle.

Celebrate Progress

You just celebrated 2016, so why not celebrate all the new changes you’re making? Even if you fall short a day, thinking positively about your resolutions will help you stick with them. Went to bed an hour early for a full week? Reward yourself with a latte from your favorite pricey coffee shop.


It can be challenging to adhere to new hobbies and routines, but once they become ingrained, you’ll feel accomplished and happier for sticking with your goals. Plus, you’ll only open yourself to more positive change in the year to come. Talk about a sweet dream…