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How to Sleep On a Plane

With warmer temps heating up travel plans for spring break, it’s time to think about where you’re going, and more importantly, how much sleep you’ll get along the way. When it comes to sleeping on airplanes, a lot can disturb your aerial slumber. Service carts, turbulence, not enough leg room…the list goes on. If you’re a traveler who has difficulty sleeping on planes, you’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best shut-eye tips to help you sleep soundly from take-off to touch down.


Claim the best seat in the house.

Whether you’re on a short flight from New York to Boston or a long-haul flight from LA to Sydney, your seat choice impacts your sky-high Z’s. To make the most of your flight, choose a window seat. Not only will you be undisturbed by fellow passengers, you’ll also be able to comfortably lean your pillow against the window. Relax, recline and rest up!

Try to pack light.

We get it—a beach trip requires dresses, shorts and a lot of sandals. But if you’re trying to seriously relax while you’re in transit, pack light! You’ll likely end up wearing the same breezy tunic anyways, so save yourself from the extra carry-on and indulge in extra leg room! There’s nothing better than stretching your legs out and throwing your seat back so you can slip into dreams of silky sand and clear waters.

Leave the beans behind.

While the beverage cart offers a comforting cup of coffee, skip the java fix to erase mid-flight jitters. If you consume caffeine or sugary drinks, you’ll find it difficult to sleep. Instead, try and stick to water or sparkling water. It’ll make it easier to stay asleep throughout your flight.

Don’t forget your passport, or your pillow.

Nowadays, not all flights provide pillows and blankets. To ensure you’re covered, invest in a supportive neck pillow that contours to your neck for ideal comfort. Once you’re settled in your seat, slip your neck pillow around your neck, throw on your headphones and get ready for a great in-flight nap.


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