Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and let’s face it… chocolate and roses are a little overrated. But, don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect Valentine’s Day presents for you and your loved one.


Tossing & turning at night, and feeling super tired in the morning? Do you feel like you’re getting a good night’s sleep, but your body is achy and sore when you wake up? These could be signs that you don’t have the right pillow for your perfect night’s rest.

The right pillow can really make all the difference between an energized morning and a difficult start to your day. So, lets get to it, shall we? Here are some of our favorite pillows that you need to check out:

Bedgear Aspire:

Bedgear knows that sleep fuels everything. Their top of the line sleep essentials will deliver a clean, cool, and fresh environment your body needs to regenerate while you sleep . If you want a pillow that delivers, get your hands on the Bedgear Apsire.


The Apsire line has pillows in varying degrees; there’s the 0.0, 1.0, 2.0 and lastly the 3.0.

  • 0.0 – designed specifically for stomach sleepers and small body types. Featuring moisture and heat management Dri-Tec fabric, this pillow is sure to keep you cool and dry for more comfortable nights.
  • 1.0 –  for stomach sleepers and small body types, this large pillow from bedgear features Dri-Tec moisture and heat management fabric that’s sure to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.
  • 2.0 – sleep tested for stomach sleepers or x-small body types, achieve deep and restful sleep on this custom side sleeper.
  • 3.0 – if you fall asleep on your back while watching TV or reading, you need a pillow that supports you upper back, neck and shoulders. Designed specifically for back sleepers, this premium-grade pillow from bedgear uses a combination of foams and fibers to deliver premium support.

We personally tested the Bedgear Apsire 1.0. The million dollar question is: Were we laying on a pillow or a cloud? The world may never know.

Check out the Aspire line, here.
Interested to see what else Bedgear offers? Click, here.



Dreamfit Smartshape:


This smartshape pillow is perfect for the multi-position sleeper and allows for super fast profile adjustability. The advanced hyper-cool knit cover with DreamCool® Advanced Technology helps you stay cool and dry all throughout the night. And the memory foam easily conforms to your neck & spine alignment for maximum comfort.


No matter which position you sleep in, this fast-acting pillow from DreamFit adjusts to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders in seconds so you can achieve perfect posture alignment—an essential ingredient for your best night’s sleep. Utilizing DreamCool® technology, the hyper-cool knit cover keeps this pillow cooler so you sleep more comfortably throughout the night.

You can definitely feel the cooling sensation this pillow has. It offers great support and feels comfy the moment your head touches it. If you want to splurge and invest in a luxurious pillow that will offer lasting comfort, take a look at this great product, here.

I Love My Pillow:

A classic fan favorite! This made in the USA, advanced memory foam  pillow is a long time customer favorite. With a stress-relieving shape on one side and traditional shape on the other, this phenomenal chiropractic-inspired pillow provides unadulterated comfort and support. It utilizes an advanced memory foam formula that conforms to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders without retaining heat. The machine washable zippered fleece is hypo-allergenic and stain resistant to help you achieve your best sleep yet.


Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers, this super soft and supportive pillow will be the perfect buy. Sleepy’s also offers a 2-pack of I Love My Pillow. Literally the perfect gift for you and your partner.

Find out more information about the pillow, here.

Don’t just take our word for it, make the trip to your local Sleepy’s and test out these pillows for yourself! And while you’re there, why not lay down on all our super comfortable, cloud-like mattresses? Sounds like a perfect date to us!

Find your Sleepy’s store here!

If these pillows don’t fit your budget, style or comfort, don’t worry… We offer tons of different pillows, and firmly believe that you can find the perfect one at the perfect price. You’ll be getting a great night’s sleep before you know it. Don’t forget, a good night’s sleep takes more than just a bedtime and a new pillow might help your night-time troubles.