Summer is great for a lot of things, sweltering in the heat isn’t one of them. That’s why we rounded up some great ways to sleep cool for the summer!

  1. Get crafty and make a DIY air conditioner! Place a shallow bowl of ice in front of a fan, turn it on and bam! The breeze will lift the water from the ice’s surface and create a cool mist. This is perfect to help you stay comfortable during hot summer nights.
  2. Hog the bed and sleep spread eagle style! Sleeping in this position will keep your body from getting too sweaty. And surely, your partner won’t mind if you take up most of the bed!
  3. Another trick is to put an eye mask in the freezer while you get ready for bed. When you’re ready to catch some Zzz’s and need that cool boost at night, the cooling mask will become your best friend.
  4. Who doesn’t like ice pops in the summer? Fill up an ice tray with coconut water and some sliced fruit and pop them in a freezer. Treat yourself to a cool, refreshing treat every night!
  5. Staying hydrated is the key to success during these hot summer months. Keep a glass of water by your bedside. You never know when you need a sip!
  6. While cozy bedding is great during the winter, swap for something lighter in the summer. Choose cotton sheets and a lightweight comforter. This allows your body to breathe and release excess heat throughout the night.
  7. Cool off with a nice tepid shower before bed! This helps to bring down your body temperature while rinsing off sweat, so you can hit the hay feeling clean and cool as a cucumber!
  8. When temperature sizzles, put your heavy pajamas away! Go for lightweight, loose materials that will let your skin breathe (or you can sleep easy in your birthday suit!)
  9. Want the ultimate sleep-cool experience? Try a mattress, topper or pillow with cool gel technology. It’s cool to the touch and will keep night sweats at a minimum and comfort at a maximum.

There are so many fun and interesting ways to stay cool, and we’d love to know what works best for you! We hope you keep the summer sweat away and stay cool all day with these helpful tips!