TEMPUR-Flex® Is Now at Sleepy’s!

The all-new TEMPUR-Flex® Collection is now at Sleepy’s!

3.28.15 Tempur Flex

TEMPUR-Flex: the perfect pairing
The TEMPUR-Flex® collection pairs all the sleep-transforming benefits of TEMPUR® material with a new, dynamically responsive feel.

Using hybrid construction, this new Tempur-Pedic® collection introduces an all-new TEMPUR material and Dynamic Support™ Layer. It’s the feel that only Tempur-Pedic can deliver.

  • We start with all-new TEMPUR-Response™ material, designed to respond more quickly to your movement (3 times faster than other TEMPUR formulations). It delivers TEMPUR’s adaptive support, pressure relief, and motion dispersal–all the benefits that make sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic uniquely rejuvenating—and real ease of movement.
  • Underneath, a new Dynamic Support Layer made of densely packed precision coils engineered to actively react to your body’s movement.

This perfect pairing of new technologies delivers support that more quickly responds to you, and all the benefits of TEMPUR material in a whole new feel.

Find a Sleepy’s near you to experience the all-new TEMUR-Flex® or shop now at Sleepys.com!

Sleepy’s & Bedgear Help the Mets Get Their Sleep Fuel!

“Have you ever been fitted for a pillow?” That’s the question the New York Mets were asked this week when Sleepy’s and bedgear partnered to help the players get their sleep fuel!Set Up - Sheets Set Up - Pillows 3

Set Up - Beds

We traveled down to Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie, Florida to visit the Mets at spring training and give personalized pillow fittings to the players, coaches and trainers. Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals and bedgear trainers were on hand to perform the fittings and talk to the players about the importance of proper sleep and recovery. After trying out the different pillow sizes, the team was able to determine which pillow was just right. The Mets were also able to experience the comfort of bedgear dri-tec sheets. Many of them were big fans of the unique dri-tec technology, which helps regulate your temperature to keep you cool and dry while you sleep.

Want to get your own personalized pillow fitting? Find a Sleepy’s near you and ask a Mattress Professional to fit you for the right bedgear pillow! And get your own bedgear performance bedding now at Sleepys.com!

To see more photos of the fittings and find out which pillow your favorite player chose, visit Sleepy’s Facebook page!

Sleepy’s 30 Insane Facts About Sleep [Infographic]

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Sleepy’s Teams Up with Covenant House to Sleep Out

Sleepy’s really is “making the world a better place to sleep”.

Executives sleep outside so homeless youth don't have to.

On the night of Thursday November 21, David Acker, Sleepy’s CEO & President, and Adam Blank, Sleepy’s COO, participated in the annual Covenant House Executive Sleep Out.  The executives put themselves in the shoes of homeless youth and slept on the streets of NYC.  With little more than the clothes on their back, a sleeping bag, and a piece of cardboard to lie on, they camped out overnight in solidarity as 300 youth slept safely inside the walls of the Covenant House.

The candlelight vigil in Times Square was inspiring. Everyone standing together with one common goal: save homeless youth.


After an inspiring candlelight vigil in Times Square, all of the executives marched back to Covenant House to sit down with some of the youth whose lives have been impacted by the help of Covenant House.  Hearing their stories and listening to their experiences was inspiring and overwhelming. These young adults have experienced more in their short lives than any child should ever have to bear.

Sleepy’s executives were two of the over 180 executives that called the streets of New York City home for the night. Thanks to the generous donations of friends, family, and colleagues, the Sleepy’s team was able to raise enough money to equip 10 children with the education they need to seek their first job.

Sleepy's executives trying to stay warm & get some shut eye.

After reflecting on the night’s events, David Acker commented on his Sleep Out experience:

“An inspiring experience to meet and understand what these young adults have and have not experienced in their lives.  So many have experienced abuse and lack proper parental guidance and support, while not living with the feeling of the possibility for a well-rounded life. Teenagers and young adults, homeless and sleeping on the streets for extended periods of time.  You know that’s not right.  I’m so thankful to be able to help. Adam and I are proud to represent our company at this event as we look forward to continuing efforts to contribute to Covenant House.”

Sleepy’s is proud to have two leaders who want to make the world a better place to sleep, for everyone.  To learn more about the Covenant House, or to find out how you can help, visit www.covenanthouse.org.


Contributor: Elizabeth Murphy