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Give the Gift of Sleep

It’s crunch time for completing your holiday gift list!  Is there any one on your list that is difficult to get for?  Do you have someone on your list that already has everything under the sun?  Or perhaps you need to get a gift for someone you don’t know very well.  Why not give them the gift of quality sleep?  With a variety of sleep products on the market, you can find the perfect gift for that someone and you won’t have to break the bank to get it.

Sleepy’s has some great sleep gift suggestions for you.  From slippers to books, you will be able to find a gift that is thoughtful and useful.  After being kept up late wrapping presents and attending holiday parties, giving the gift of sleep to someone will definitely be appreciated!  Getting a great night’s sleep will help relieve tension and stress that is built up around the holiday season. 

Another great idea for that impossible someone is to give them a nice bedding item that aides a great night’s sleep.  It’s also a thoughtful idea, because most people don’t remember to get new pillows or sheets after some time.  One night on a brand new memory foam pillow, as opposed to their old flat pillow, could have you on someone’s “Nice List,” for next year!  Do you have a college student on your list?  How about getting them a supportive and comfortable mattress topper?  When I was in college, my foam mattress topper transformed my floorboard of a mattress into a comfortable haven. 

Think about the person’s bedroom as well.  Healthy, restorative sleep comes with proper sleep hygiene and one of the best tips for good sleep hygiene is sleeping in a dark room.  Room darkening shades prevent any excess light from the outdoors from seeping into the bedroom.  This may not be the best choice for someone you aren’t very familiar with though.  An eye mask would have similar effects to room darkening shades and you wouldn’t have to know the color scheme of their bedroom!

Sleep is so essential for good health, both physical and mental.  At a time when we all become sleep deprived and stressed, a great night’s sleep is the best gift of all!  There are plenty of different ideas when it comes to sleep-themed gifts, you will find something for everyone.  Giving a restful night’s sleep for the holidays will make everyone happier and enjoy their company more knowing that they are relaxed from their quality sleep.  We here at Sleepy’s hope you have a happy and restful holiday!

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Contributor: Emily Barrett

Sleepy’s Partners with MyRegistry.com

Have you ever heard of MyRegistry.com?  It’s this great website that you can sign-up for, for free and create a universal gift registry.  MyRegistry.com is very cool because you can literally put anything you desire on your simple-to-access registry list.  And when I say anything, I mean anything from anywhere, which is why I am so excited to announce that Sleepy’s the Mattress Professionals and MyRegistry.com have partnered up!

You’re about to embark on a lifelong journey with your new partner, what better way to celebrate that than with a new mattress that you both can call your very own as newlyweds.  The partnership between Sleepy’s and MyRegistry.com makes it very easy for you to add a new mattress, or new pillows, or new sheets, or any bedding essentials, to your gift registry.  With MyRegistry.com’s Cash Gift Fund, the program allows several people to make “donations” towards higher ticketed items, such as a new mattress, which I think is a fabulous idea.

As you and your soon-to-be-spouse start filling up your gift registry with MyRegistry.com, don’t forget to visit your local Sleepy’s showroom to test out mattresses together so that you’ll know which mattress you will want to put on your registry.  Once you have found the perfect mattress to share with your future spouse, head over to Sleepys.com and search for that exact mattress.  Once you find it, you will see a button that says “Add to MyRegistry,” which is under the “Add to Cart” and “Add to Wish List” buttons that will automatically add the mattress on to your gift registry.

You haven’t created a registry on MyRegistry.com yet, you say?  Not a problem, visiting Sleepys.com you’ll find all the links you need to follow to create, find or update a registry.  Simplicity is one of the many aspects of MyRegistry.com.  They have many different options for you to share your registry with family and friends.  You can use Facebook integration to share on your profile; you can also create E-cards, links and even printable cards to send out the information as well.

Now, I’ve never been married or engaged so I’m not sure what it’s like going to a store to put together a registry, but I’m not even going to consider that, now knowing that MyRegistry.com gives me access to create a registry with products from Sleepy’s and all other stores from the comfort of home (because we all know how much I dislike going out to shop).  I can imagine that preparing for a wedding can be a stressful time, so why not make one step easier and visit Sleepys.com to set up your gift registration all in one spot. 


Contributor: Emily Barrett

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