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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th and if you’re looking for a unique gift idea, why not give Mom the gift of quality sleep?  I think we can all agree that moms are hard workers and that they deserve a great night’s sleep.  There is such a thing as beauty sleep!  No need to raid the cosmetic aisle for your mother’s day gift when you can get her a sleep related item that will aide quality sleep.  A study found that people who were sleep-deprived were perceived as less healthy, attractive and more tired than those who got a great night’s rest.

A mattress is the first gift idea that comes to mind since the mattress your mother sleeps on directly affects her waking life.  If she has been complaining about aches and pains or just not being able to get comfortable at night, she may be in need of a new mattress.  But a new mattress can be an expensive gift so here are a few more affordable sleep related Mother’s Day gift ides:

Pillows can be just as important as a mattress when it comes to quality sleep.  All too often people will buy a pillow out of preference as opposed to what their body needs.  Your pillow should fit your preferred sleeping position.  For example I know I like thin, flat pillows, but I’m primarily a side sleeper, so I’m actually doing my body a disservice by using the improper pillow while I sleep.  Side sleepers need a full but soft pillow; while back sleepers need a medium thickness pillow and stomach sleepers need the thinnest pillow (if any at all).  Find out what position your Mom prefers to sleep in and then find a pillow that suits her sleeping position.  Sleepys.com organizes their selection of pillows by what position they are best for.

Eye masks, white noise machines and lavender scented products are all apart of sleep hygiene.  It is easier to fall asleep when our bodies are relaxed and our sleep environment is conducive to sleep.  Lavender is used in aromatherapy as a way to relax the body and ease a person into sleep.  Having a dark, cool room is optimal for sleeping conditions, but sometimes it is hard to get a room truly dark enough.  You can try room darkening shades to block out excess lights from outdoors, but an eye mask is also a great way to get the same effects without trying to remember what color your mother’s bedroom is.  If you notice that your mom complains out noises keeping her up at night or preventing her from falling asleep, a white noise machine is a great Mother’s Day gift!  A white noise machine will drown out all the other noises that keep her awake with an even, monotonous sound that basically bores a person to sleep.

The gift of sleep is a great way to show your mom that you appreciate all she does.  From kissing boo-boos, to leaving work early to watch one of your games and just always supporting you in every way possible no matter where you are in life, this Mother’s Day, give your Mom the gift she really wants, a great night’s sleep.


Contributor: Emily Barrett

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Give the Gift of Sleep

It’s crunch time for completing your holiday gift list!  Is there any one on your list that is difficult to get for?  Do you have someone on your list that already has everything under the sun?  Or perhaps you need to get a gift for someone you don’t know very well.  Why not give them the gift of quality sleep?  With a variety of sleep products on the market, you can find the perfect gift for that someone and you won’t have to break the bank to get it.

Sleepy’s has some great sleep gift suggestions for you.  From slippers to books, you will be able to find a gift that is thoughtful and useful.  After being kept up late wrapping presents and attending holiday parties, giving the gift of sleep to someone will definitely be appreciated!  Getting a great night’s sleep will help relieve tension and stress that is built up around the holiday season. 

Another great idea for that impossible someone is to give them a nice bedding item that aides a great night’s sleep.  It’s also a thoughtful idea, because most people don’t remember to get new pillows or sheets after some time.  One night on a brand new memory foam pillow, as opposed to their old flat pillow, could have you on someone’s “Nice List,” for next year!  Do you have a college student on your list?  How about getting them a supportive and comfortable mattress topper?  When I was in college, my foam mattress topper transformed my floorboard of a mattress into a comfortable haven. 

Think about the person’s bedroom as well.  Healthy, restorative sleep comes with proper sleep hygiene and one of the best tips for good sleep hygiene is sleeping in a dark room.  Room darkening shades prevent any excess light from the outdoors from seeping into the bedroom.  This may not be the best choice for someone you aren’t very familiar with though.  An eye mask would have similar effects to room darkening shades and you wouldn’t have to know the color scheme of their bedroom!

Sleep is so essential for good health, both physical and mental.  At a time when we all become sleep deprived and stressed, a great night’s sleep is the best gift of all!  There are plenty of different ideas when it comes to sleep-themed gifts, you will find something for everyone.  Giving a restful night’s sleep for the holidays will make everyone happier and enjoy their company more knowing that they are relaxed from their quality sleep.  We here at Sleepy’s hope you have a happy and restful holiday!

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Contributor: Emily Barrett

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