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TEMPUR-Flex® Is Now at Sleepy’s!

The all-new TEMPUR-Flex® Collection is now at Sleepy’s!

3.28.15 Tempur Flex

TEMPUR-Flex: the perfect pairing
The TEMPUR-Flex® collection pairs all the sleep-transforming benefits of TEMPUR® material with a new, dynamically responsive feel.

Using hybrid construction, this new Tempur-Pedic® collection introduces an all-new TEMPUR material and Dynamic Support™ Layer. It’s the feel that only Tempur-Pedic can deliver.

  • We start with all-new TEMPUR-Response™ material, designed to respond more quickly to your movement (3 times faster than other TEMPUR formulations). It delivers TEMPUR’s adaptive support, pressure relief, and motion dispersal–all the benefits that make sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic uniquely rejuvenating—and real ease of movement.
  • Underneath, a new Dynamic Support Layer made of densely packed precision coils engineered to actively react to your body’s movement.

This perfect pairing of new technologies delivers support that more quickly responds to you, and all the benefits of TEMPUR material in a whole new feel.

Find a Sleepy’s near you to experience the all-new TEMUR-Flex® or shop now at Sleepys.com!

Is Your Sleep Being Affected by a Sleep Disorder or Your Mattress?

Why Can’t I Sleep—Haven’t I Tried Everything?!

While some sleep problems may be the result of serious sleep disorders, a sleep survey conducted by Arc Consulting for the Better Sleep Council concluded that sometimes all you need to do to get a good night’s rest is to replace your old mattress.

The majority of people in the study agreed that a bad mattress could mean back problems, poorer quality sleep and overall decline in health and wellness. But among these 400 adults, almost half of them (46 percent) said that they didn’t replace their mattresses until their old ones were in “bad” or “very bad” shape. In fact, those surveyed were 5 times more likely to blame their poor sleep quality on daytime stress than their substandard mattresses.

Andrea Herman, Director of the Better Sleep Council, said in general people took a quite impractical approach to diagnosing the root of their sleep problems. While theoretically they understood that replacing their mattresses could fix the issue, they often overlooked this simple connection between sleep and mattress quality when finding a solution became necessary.

The study confirmed this wide disconnect between knowledge and behavior. Respondent said that during normal daily life, they rarely thought of their mattresses. There didn’t seem to be a need to do so unless you noticed a specific problem with the mattress. People were much more likely to attribute problems to aspects of their lives that seemed more relevant, or more pressing, like stress at work and among family and friends.

How do I Decide When to Replace My Mattress?

Andrea Herman said that people who find that they toss and turn at night for no apparent reason should consider the condition of their mattresses. While stress may sometimes be an inevitable hindrance to even the best snoozers’ quality of sleep, getting a new mattress is a quick and easy fix.

Researchers suggested that people perform a formal “Rest Test” two times every year in order to evaluate the condition of their mattresses. Go to a home department or specialty mattress store and weigh how those new mattresses feel as compared to the one you use at home. When shopping for a mattress, keep these criteria in mind:

  1. Adequate Support
  2. Long-Term Comfort
  3. Sufficient Space
  4. Durability / Warranty
  5. Accompanying Bed Foundations
  6. Overall Value

Remember, a mattress is a big purchase that you will use every night. It’s important to make the right decision. Take your shoes off, get under the sheets, bring along your bed partner, etc. — the store employees won’t mind. How else will you know what it’ll feel like?


Contributor: Alex Smith of SleepDisorders.com

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Sleepys on The Dr. Steve Show

I had such a fun time working with “The Dr. Steve Show,” on a segment that was all about sleep!  I love getting together with people to talk about all things sleep, especially since it’s a topic that affects each and every one of us.  I brought my friend, Dr. Robert Oexman of the Sleep to Live Institute, along with me for the show.  I’m letting my sleep geek-ness show a little bit, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to two doctors discuss sleep topics and how to find the perfect mattress.  In case you missed the segment from “The Dr. Steve Show,” which airs nationally, here is the clip:

I’d like to thank my friends at “The Dr. Steve Show,” and WPIX who reached out to me and made this opportunity possible!


Contributor: Emily Barrett, Snooze Director

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The NEW TEMPUR-Simplicity at Sleepy’s

Tempur-pedic is one of the most recognized mattress brands in the world.  Known as the mattress made for astronauts in NASA, the Tempur-pedic mattresses are made of body conforming memory foam that will ease your body into a state of relaxation and quality sleep.  Up until now, Tempur-pedic has only offered high end, luxury lines that can cost thousands of dollars.  For the first time ever, Tempur-pedic is offering their legendary mattresses in a more affordable price range with the TEMPUR-Simplicity line.

The TEMPUR-Simplicity line offers comfort and support for more budgets.  Along with attractive financing, the starting price for the TEMPUR-Simplicity line is just $699!  This more affordable line of Tempur-pedic mattresses come in three different (and clearly labeled) ranges of comfort, soft, medium and firm.

Get all the benefits of a classic Tempur-pedic mattress, from reduced motion transfer to pressure point relief; you can have it all for a much more reasonable price.  The TEMPUR-Simplicity comes with a 10 year warranty and a 90-Night trial.  All of our Sleepy’s showrooms have the TEMPUR-Simplicity line as well as the AlluraBed, the RhapsodyBed, the TEMPUR-Cloud line and the TEMPUR-Contour line.  While you’re testing out a Tempur-pedic mattress at Sleepy’s, don’t forget to try the Ergo Adjustable Bases that offer customizable comfort and take your Tempur-pedic sleeping experience beyond your dreams.  Make sure to visit your local Sleepy’s showroom to experience the elite comfort of the many Tempur-pedic lines that we have to offer.


Contributor: Emily Barrett

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Is it Time for a New Mattress?

A mattress is a long-term purchase, so it’s easy to forget the basics such as the warning signs that you may need a new mattress.  Mattresses can come with warranties that last 10-20 years but sometimes you may need a replacement sooner than that.  So how are you supposed to know if it’s time for a new mattress?

The first sign is how old your mattress is.  If your mattress is between 5-7 years old it could be time for a new mattress.  Since the years have passed when you first purchased your mattress, your body has gone through changes whether they are natural (gain/lose weight, muscle mass, etc) or not (surgery, accident, etc) your mattress may not be properly supporting the recent changes that have happened to you.

If you find that you’re waking up with aches and pains or even more tired than you were before going to bed, that is another sign you may need a new mattress.  A mattress that doesn’t properly support you can cause aches and pains from building pressure points throughout the night.  The increasing pressure points also lead to tossing and turning throughout the night to find some sort of comfortable position which makes you feel exhausted in the morning because you didn’t get any sleep.

Finding a comfortable spot to sleep anywhere but in your bedroom is another possible sign you need to replace your mattress.  Sleeping on your couch, or recliner, or maybe even your car, is not conducive to restful sleep.  These pieces of furniture are not meant to support you for the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep like your mattress is made for.

Examine the surface of your mattress.  If you see the indentation from where you sleep and even if you regularly rotate your mattress it won’t go away, that is another sign you may need a new mattress.  Remember your mattress should always conform to you, not you to it.

We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so always make sure that you are being properly supported each night by your mattress.  Sleep directly affects your quality of life so make sure you invest in your health by getting a mattress that is comfortable and supportive.

I made a video about the signs when you may need a new mattress.  Check it out below!  When do you know it’s time to replace your mattress?  Leave me a comment in the comment section below to get the conversation going.


Contributor: Emily Barrett

The New Sleepys Commercial Makes You Shed a Tear

There goes Sleepy’s tugging at my heart strings…  Have you seen our newest ad campaign featuring the classic Beatles’ song, “In My Life,” on TV or on YouTube yet?  It features all the different life stages from just getting married, to pregnancy and how kids grow up enjoying their mattresses.

By now we all know that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, this new ad campaign shows us just how much we enjoy our time spent on our beds.  The new commercials, which will begin airing on TV the week of December 26th, emphasize the importance of how our bedrooms really are our sanctuaries, where life’s little moments are fully enjoyed.

Sleepy’s conducted a survey just to see what people really thought of their beds and their bedrooms.  The survey results showed (of the 1000+ surveyed):

  • 60% used their bed as a spot for family gathering, having kids and pets snuggle up to bond.
  • 52% believed their bedroom was a “sleep sanctuary” and the ultimate spot in the house for comfort and security.
  • Almost 40% thought of their bed as a multi-functioning area that was used for reading, watching TV, surfing the internet and sleeping.

I think everyone can relate to this commercial at some point or another.  I remember jumping on my mom’s bed (although instead of The Beatles playing, it was The Allman Brothers).  This ad campaign focuses on just how much of our lives take place in bed, even when we’re not sleeping!  Whether snuggling with your kids during a thunderstorm or discussing your day with your spouse, Sleepy’s understands that your mattress is the focal point of your sleep sanctuary and we’ll be with you for all of life’s little moments.

Grab a tissue box and check out our latest ad campaign:


Contributor: Emily Barrett

Snow Birds and Their Mattresses

Summer has come and gone, the fall foliage will peak in no time, and then before you know it, old man winter will be knocking at our doors.  You may still have the sand between your toes, but soon enough you’ll be applying layers of clothing rather than sunscreen.  While most of us will soon be stocking up on shovels and melting salt, many of the retired and senior citizens will be flocking the airlines and migrating to the warmer weather for the better of the next six to seven months. 

Winter is coming, don't get left behind!

Appropriately named the “Snow Birds,” these older generations have the right idea by heading to popular warm destinations where they may have bought a second home to wait out the wicked winter conditions of the Northeast.  Living in a secondary home shouldn’t mean sleeping on a lower quality mattress.  Sleep is always important, no matter where you are staying. 

Important questions that these snow birds should ask themselves upon arriving at their warmer weather home, “How do I sleep on this mattress?  How comfortable is this mattress?” And most importantly, “How long ago did I buy this mattress?”  Spending almost half the year on an old, unsupportive mattress does no good for the body or the mind.  Being that the snow birds are comprised of older generations, it is very likely that since the last time that they bought the mattress for their secondary home (or even since the last time that they have stayed there) that their bodies have changed, which means that their old mattress won’t comfortably support them for a great night’s sleep.  As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass and become more fragile, therefore our needs from our mattress will change more frequently than the 10+ years the mattress can last. 

Sleepy’s, the Mattress Professionals, is here to take care of the snow birds’ every need.  With over 700 locations across the Northeast, you can stop in to any of our showrooms to test which mattress works perfectly for you.  Sleepy’s delivers to all 50 states, so the new mattress that you pick out can easily be delivered to your home in the warmer destinations.  We will also remove your old mattress and install your new mattress upon delivery.  With loyal, quality mattress brands such as Simmons, Sealy, Serta and My Side (just to name a few), Sleepy’s is definitely the most trusted name in mattresses, providing you the opportunity to find the best mattress for you and that fits your budget.

The right mattress compliments a great night's sleep.

Sleep is always an essential need, no matter what age you are.  Not getting eight hours of quality sleep can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and depression.  To fully enjoy your golden years, you’ll want to be getting a great night’s sleep every night on a mattress that best suits your comfort needs.  Even if it’s the mattress in your second home in that warm destination, you should make sure that you have the proper mattress for the months that you’ll be spending on it while dreaming of sunsets on the beach and how great it feels to not shovel snow. 

I'm definitely going to be a snow bird when I retire.


Contributor: Emily Barrett

The Basics of Mattress Shopping

Below is the first video I made as the Sleepy’s Snooze Director, where I introduce myself and give you quick tips on how to pick your new mattress.

Decoding Mattress Shopping

EPT, LXF and UPEPT oh my!  When the time has come to purchase a new mattress, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of acronyms that further describe the mattress you’re researching.  My mom tells me that back in the day that there were only two ways to define a mattress: hard or soft.  Now there seems to be so many confusing options!

I’m here to decode the cryptic acronyms of mattress shopping and help you find that perfect mattress with ease.  Grab your pen and paper because class is in session!

  • TT: Tight Top – Refers to standard non-pillow top mattresses.
  • PT: Pillow Top – A mattress made with extra cushioning layers on top for an extra plush feel.
  • ET: Euro Top – A type of pillow top mattress where the extra comfort layer is sewn directly into the mattress, rather than constructed as a separate piece. This special tailoring enhances edge support and prevents slide-off.
  • BT: Box Top Mattresses – A type of pillow top mattress with an extra comfort layer squared off on edges with a gusset.
  • FM: Firm – Typically a hard mattress, which provides a lot of support but does not have much cushioning.  This is not recommended for the side sleeper, although if it meets your comfort requirement then that is all that matters.
  • PL: Plush – Typically, plush mattresses are firm mattresses, but the manufacturer did not sew down the top of the fabric as tightly.
  • CF: Cushion Firm – This is usually just slightly softer than a hard mattress, I would say that it’s somewhere in between a firm and plush.
  • PLUPT: Plush Euro Pillow Top – The plush euro pillow top mattress is a soft “fall into” mattress, typically that has very good padding and layers to keep your spine straight while giving you that feeling that you are sleeping on a cloud.
  • EPT: Euro Pillow Top – This is a mattress that will have a thick pillow top, more so than just the standard topper.
  • PL/FM: Plush Firm – Another way of saying CF, Cushion Firm.
  • UF: Ultra Firm – Grab a piece of the floor because that is what ultra firm mattresses feel like!
  • UP: Ultra Plush – This is the plushest mattress available and is typically thicker than most mattresses because of the additional comfort layers (which may require some extra muscle when it comes time to rotate this mattress).
  • LXF: Luxury Firm – A hard mattress that has just a tiny bit more padding, similar to the PL/FM but harder.
  • LXPL: Luxury Plush – Similar to Ultra Plush mattress, but a bit harder.
  • UPEPT: Ultra Plush Euro Pillow Top – You can dive into this mattress like water!  It’s very soft, sumptuous and engulfing.

What feels like a Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress to your Dad may feel like a Cushion Firm Mattress to your Mom and Plush Firm Mattress to your brother.  So at the end of the day, you’re going to need to go to Sleepy’s to test out each mattress yourself because only you will be able to tell which type of mattress will give you the right support and comfort for a great night’s sleep.

Remember: When testing mattresses, make sure to allot enough time for your visit because it is recommended to spend at least 15 minutes on each mattress, lying in your natural sleeping position, so you’ll know how the mattress will truly feel.  Also, bring some reading material with you and test out the mattress in the position that you would either read or watch TV in.


Contributor: Emily Barrett

The Fundamentals on Foundations

There are three basic types of foundations to accommodate your new mattress; traditional support foundations (standard), adjustable foundations (AKA ergo) and storage foundations.  Each type of foundation has their own benefits, so let’s find what will work for you.


The Standard Box is exactly that, standard.  The standard box spring is about 8.5 to 10 inches high and can be made up of either wood (non-yielding), partial steel (semiflex) or high yielding. The Low Profile is four inches lower than the standard box, coming in at a height between 5 and 5.5 inches.  Even though there is a height difference, there is NO difference when it comes to the support that it provides.  Because the low profile doesn’t add as much height to your mattress as a standard box, it is great for kids, older people, people with a disability or an injury, people who are on the shorter side and your older/smaller furry friends (if you allow your pets in your bed, of course).  If you find yourself having difficulty getting on to the mattress at the showroom, you should definitely consider getting a low profile foundation to make it easier when you get your new mattress home. The Split Box is a foundation that is made up of two separate box springs that go side-by-side.  It is a good decision to get a split box to make delivery easier if you have say a narrow doorway or staircase.  Just so you know, all King mattresses require a split box.  It should also be noted that you make sure it is completely necessary to get a split box because the cost will be higher (after all, you are getting two box springs). 

Then there is the Adjustable/Power Base foundation which compliments an adjustable bed.  The adjustable base can mimic any position of your adjustable mattress with a remote control and it’s compatible with most mattresses.  The benefits of an adjustable base can reduce lower back pain and improve breathing.  The adjustable base also comes in either low profile or standard and is commonly referred to as the Ergo system

I saved my personal favorite for last, the Sto-A-Way Mattress Foundation.  I think that this foundation is a must-have for college students or someone living in a small apartment in a city.  The Sto-A-Way has four drawers built into the base, two on each side (unless you get the twin size, and in that case, there are two drawers but they are reversible).  These drawers come sanded and lacquered so that you can put your most delicate clothing in them without having to worry about snagging.  The drawers are so big that they give you the space of your average six drawer dresser (about 7.5 cubic feet of storage).  These drawers are durable too; they can hold up to 80 pounds!  And to top it all off, it’s aesthetically pleasing, being a neutral color, it will be a close match to any mattress.  Had I known about the Sto-A-Way base back in college, my life would’ve been made much easier (and cleaner).

So there you go, the basics of the base of your new mattress, the foundation.  When you’re building the perfect bed you can’t forget the importance of having a solid foundation that will not only support you but also complete your perfect mattress set.


Contributor: Emily Barrett

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