The Pillow Test

Do you know when to replace your pillows?  Do you even know if you should replace your pillows?  Many of us might still be holding on to a beloved pillow that is near and dear to our hearts.  The one pillow that been on many road trips and has traveled from hotel to hotel since you can’t fall asleep on anything else.  But did you know that even though you think you’re comfortable, that pillow might not be properly supporting you after many years of use?

There’s a simple test you can use on your pillows to determine if they are still functional.  You’ll want to fold your pillow in half and place a light weight on it, such as a book or a shoe.  If your pillow unfolds with the weight on top of it, then your pillow is still supportive.  If your pillow remains folded in half, then your pillow needs to be replaced because it isn’t supportive enough.

Typically pillows should be replaced every 1-2 years.  Having a pillow protector pad will extend the life of your pillow because it will ward off mold and dust from building up inside of it.  The average head weighs about 8 pounds, so if you’re sleeping on an old, unsupportive pillow, you’ll be waking up with aches and pains.

How old is the pillow you sleep on?  Do you remember when you last replaced your pillow?  Tell me all about your pillow stories in the comment section below!

To see the Pillow Test in action, check out my video:

Contributor: Emily Barrett

Moving Back to School

We’re approaching the end of August and you know what that means… Move-in day is upon us!  Whether you’ve neatly organized your life into boxes already or you’ll just throw some clothes and school supplies in a bag the night before you leave, we all can agree that move-in day is one of the more exciting days of the school year.  For the freshmen it’s their first day of independence; for the rest of the students, it’s the first day to catch up with all their friends and roommates in person.

My move-in days were always a bit of an adventure because my dorm was in the heart of New York City.  I would be wheeling my cart of bedding essentials through a sea of dog walkers while dodging tourists in Union Square.  Once my mini-adventure ended, it was time to unpack and decorate my humble abode for the school year.

Space was limited in the car, so to make moving in easier on myself (and most importantly, my Mom) we decided to buy all my office and kitchen supplies from the Kmart that was a few blocks away.  All I really needed to unpack was my clothes and my bedding essentials.  I’m going to let you in on a little tip; no dorm mattress is comfortable on its own.  I bought a mattress topper from Sleepy’s and it was awesome.  Seriously, every time my friends would come over and they sat on my bed, they wouldn’t get up.  I loved my mattress topper because it made me feel like I was sleeping on my bed at home.  A mattress topper is a great purchase because it will give you more support and greater comfort than just the mattress in your dorm.  You’re going to want to have a comfortable place to sleep each night especially since studies prove that eight hours of quality sleep improves your memory (making it easier to remember how to conjugate your verbs in Latin).

Replace the sudoku puzzle for a Gaelic textbook; that's what I would look like the night before a test.

I treated myself to new pillows as well before I left for school.  I figured if I bought pillows for my dorm I wouldn’t have to bring them home whenever I would visit.  If you’re thinking about bringing your old pillow from home, you may want to reconsider.  This disturbing infographic about the germs growing in your old pillows will make you want a new one.  It’s always a good idea to get new pillows not only for proper support but also to keep you healthy.

This puppy has the right idea.

I used my comforter as the central color scheme for the rest of my half of the room.  I had a reversible light green and blue comforter so I made sure to buy green or blue office supplies for my desk to keep the theme going.  I even picked out green and blue towels as well.

There are so many emotions on move-in day.  You may be thrilled or nervous to be living on your own while your parents are either sad or ecstatic to have an empty house.  Through all the planning and all the emotions around the eventful day, don’t freak out if you forget something, especially when it comes to bedding.  Sleepy’s has nationwide delivery, so if you forgot sheets or a pillow or any bedding essentials, they can deliver it to your dorm.

Good luck with your move-in day!  Remember to bend your knees to lift heavy items and don’t forget to call your parents once in a while to check in with them as you enjoy the college experience.


Contributor: Emily Barrett