We’re talking about flipping/rotating your mattress. The handles on the sides of your bed are not there to just look pretty… they do have a purpose. At least once every 3 months, you should rotate your mattress with a spin, and if you don’t have a fluffy pillow-top then you should flip it top to bottom once every 3 months as well.

To rotate: (for reference: towards the headboard will be referred to as point A, and the footboard will be referred to as point B)

Stand at the foot of your bed– start at point B and pull your mattress away from the headboard – turn it one quarter to the right (your mattress and frame should look like a plus sign) – walk over to the right side and assist point B to the headboard. Point A should now be at your footboard, and your mattress should complete a 180 degree turn.

To flip: (for reference: the top part of your bed will be referred to as side #1 and the underneath part of your bed will be referred to as side #2, the left-side #3 and the right-side #4)

Start at the right side of your bed and use the handles to pull the bed towards you, half-way out. Push the bed towards the ceiling, #4 should be closest to the ceiling and #3 should be the only part of your mattress that is touching any part of the frame. Walk over to the left side of your frame and reach up to pull #4 towards you. Side #1 should now be underneath and #2 should now be your surface area for sleep. This is best done with two people but can still easily and safely be done with just one.


**Flipping and rotating regular will increase the longevity of your mattress.


Contributor: Cassandra Broadway