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Snow Birds and Their Mattresses

Summer has come and gone, the fall foliage will peak in no time, and then before you know it, old man winter will be knocking at our doors.  You may still have the sand between your toes, but soon enough you’ll be applying layers of clothing rather than sunscreen.  While most of us will soon be stocking up on shovels and melting salt, many of the retired and senior citizens will be flocking the airlines and migrating to the warmer weather for the better of the next six to seven months. 

Winter is coming, don't get left behind!

Appropriately named the “Snow Birds,” these older generations have the right idea by heading to popular warm destinations where they may have bought a second home to wait out the wicked winter conditions of the Northeast.  Living in a secondary home shouldn’t mean sleeping on a lower quality mattress.  Sleep is always important, no matter where you are staying. 

Important questions that these snow birds should ask themselves upon arriving at their warmer weather home, “How do I sleep on this mattress?  How comfortable is this mattress?” And most importantly, “How long ago did I buy this mattress?”  Spending almost half the year on an old, unsupportive mattress does no good for the body or the mind.  Being that the snow birds are comprised of older generations, it is very likely that since the last time that they bought the mattress for their secondary home (or even since the last time that they have stayed there) that their bodies have changed, which means that their old mattress won’t comfortably support them for a great night’s sleep.  As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass and become more fragile, therefore our needs from our mattress will change more frequently than the 10+ years the mattress can last. 

Sleepy’s, the Mattress Professionals, is here to take care of the snow birds’ every need.  With over 700 locations across the Northeast, you can stop in to any of our showrooms to test which mattress works perfectly for you.  Sleepy’s delivers to all 50 states, so the new mattress that you pick out can easily be delivered to your home in the warmer destinations.  We will also remove your old mattress and install your new mattress upon delivery.  With loyal, quality mattress brands such as Simmons, Sealy, Serta and My Side (just to name a few), Sleepy’s is definitely the most trusted name in mattresses, providing you the opportunity to find the best mattress for you and that fits your budget.

The right mattress compliments a great night's sleep.

Sleep is always an essential need, no matter what age you are.  Not getting eight hours of quality sleep can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and depression.  To fully enjoy your golden years, you’ll want to be getting a great night’s sleep every night on a mattress that best suits your comfort needs.  Even if it’s the mattress in your second home in that warm destination, you should make sure that you have the proper mattress for the months that you’ll be spending on it while dreaming of sunsets on the beach and how great it feels to not shovel snow. 

I'm definitely going to be a snow bird when I retire.


Contributor: Emily Barrett

The New and Improved Sealy Mattress Commercials

Is anyone enjoying the latest Sleepy’s commercial featuring Sealy mattresses as much as I am?  If you haven’t seen it yet or if you need a quick refresher, here you go:

It has all the components of a great commercial – fun music, gravity-defying visuals, and of course, a sense of humor.  The video alone has over 51,000 views on YouTube since last week.  Who would’ve thought that people would want to watch a mattress commercial (even more than once)?

Just to show you how far mattress commercials have come, check out this vintage Sealy commercial from 1979:

You don’t even know that it’s a mattress commercial until the very end of it!  What does running in a park and hopscotch even have to do with a mattress?  If there was a “Most Improved” award for commercials, hands down my vote would go to Sealy.  They are making mattresses more desirable with these new commercials that evoke an emotion from you.  If you read some of the comments on YouTube for the “Jump” video, you’ll see that people are loving the song and want to get the mattress.

Sealy deserves some serious credit for their revamped commercials; it is a job very well done and mirrors the quality of their mattresses that they have been producing since day one.

Sealy has been a front runner when it comes to incorporating the newest technologies into their mattresses.  The latest line of Sealy Posturepedics offer a variety of comfort layers.  For example, the Sealy Posturepedic Supreme Firm Euro Pillow Top has eight different layers of comfort!  Being made up of layers of latexes, memory foams and Sealy foams, this mattress is made to provide you with comfort and support.  Sleepy’s, in its quest to provide more value to their customers, have added to their line of Sealy Posturepedics an additional comfort layer, the Sleepy’s Latex BackSaver Support Core Plus; a snooze-worthy addition if you ask me.  But don’t take my word for it, go try it out yourself at any of our 700+ showrooms or use the store locator to find the closest one to you.

BONUS VIDEO: This video has over 1.1 million views!

Contributor: Emily Barrett

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