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TEMPUR-Flex® Is Now at Sleepy’s!

The all-new TEMPUR-Flex® Collection is now at Sleepy’s!

3.28.15 Tempur Flex

TEMPUR-Flex: the perfect pairing
The TEMPUR-Flex® collection pairs all the sleep-transforming benefits of TEMPUR® material with a new, dynamically responsive feel.

Using hybrid construction, this new Tempur-Pedic® collection introduces an all-new TEMPUR material and Dynamic Support™ Layer. It’s the feel that only Tempur-Pedic can deliver.

  • We start with all-new TEMPUR-Response™ material, designed to respond more quickly to your movement (3 times faster than other TEMPUR formulations). It delivers TEMPUR’s adaptive support, pressure relief, and motion dispersal–all the benefits that make sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic uniquely rejuvenating—and real ease of movement.
  • Underneath, a new Dynamic Support Layer made of densely packed precision coils engineered to actively react to your body’s movement.

This perfect pairing of new technologies delivers support that more quickly responds to you, and all the benefits of TEMPUR material in a whole new feel.

Find a Sleepy’s near you to experience the all-new TEMUR-Flex® or shop now at Sleepys.com!

Sleepy’s & Bedgear Help the Mets Get Their Sleep Fuel!

“Have you ever been fitted for a pillow?” That’s the question the New York Mets were asked this week when Sleepy’s and bedgear partnered to help the players get their sleep fuel!Set Up - Sheets Set Up - Pillows 3

Set Up - Beds

We traveled down to Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie, Florida to visit the Mets at spring training and give personalized pillow fittings to the players, coaches and trainers. Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals and bedgear trainers were on hand to perform the fittings and talk to the players about the importance of proper sleep and recovery. After trying out the different pillow sizes, the team was able to determine which pillow was just right. The Mets were also able to experience the comfort of bedgear dri-tec sheets. Many of them were big fans of the unique dri-tec technology, which helps regulate your temperature to keep you cool and dry while you sleep.

Want to get your own personalized pillow fitting? Find a Sleepy’s near you and ask a Mattress Professional to fit you for the right bedgear pillow! And get your own bedgear performance bedding now at Sleepys.com!

To see more photos of the fittings and find out which pillow your favorite player chose, visit Sleepy’s Facebook page!

Time to Get Some Beauty Sleep

Let’s admit it – we all want to look good.  Americans spent over $50 billion dollars on cosmetics last year alone!  Between all the “miracle creams” and “1-step problem solvers” out there, it’s enough to make your head spin.  What if there was an easier way to look your best?  According to a new study, there is.

We know the benefits sleep has on our minds, bodies, and moods, but a new clinical trial suggests that sleep is good for our skin, too.  Estee Lauder and University Hospitals Case Medical Center teamed up to find out how your sleep, or lack of sleep, affects the way you look.  The result?  More sleep equals younger, better looking skin.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the study consisted of sixty women between the ages of 30 and 49.  The women were then split into two groups, good sleepers and poor sleepers.  Those who qualified as poor sleepers slept less than 5 hours per night.  “The study involved a visual skin evaluation and participation in several non-invasive skin challenge tests including UV light exposure and skin barrier disruption.  Additionally, participants filled out a sleep log for one week to quantify sleep duration”.

As a result, poor sleepers were twice as likely to show signs of natural aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, and uneven skin tone.  They also found that poor sleepers have more difficulty repairing skin damage from outside influences, such as sunburn.  Poor sleepers also retained water for a longer period of time than those who slept well, causing an increase in inflammation.

So, if you want to look your best, put down the Botox and pull up those bed sheets… it’s time to get some beauty sleep!

Speaking of beauty sleep – Sleepy’s recently donated two Simmons Beautyrest mattresses and beds to the beautiful Hampton Designer Showhouse, which benefits the Southampton Hospital.  Look at these amazing designs by Kemble Interiors, Inc.  For more information and to see more designs visit the Hampton Designer Showhouse.

Photo by Marco Ricca.

Photo by Marco Ricca.

Photo by Marco Ricca.

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Contributor: Elizabeth Murphy

Which Came First, the Job or the Sleep Deprivation?

Despite the countless studies and research stating how important sleep is for our overall health and well-being, a good night’s sleep is still not a priority for Americans.  In a world where an 8-hour work day is short and 6-hours of sleep are a lot, it’s no wonder that Americans are sleep deprived.  Shift workers have their own sleep obstacles to overcome, but what about those of us that work a 9-5 shift?  Could the amount of sleep you get be directly affecting your job?

Sleep deprivation causes a myriad of symptoms including an inability to concentrate, morning headaches and memory loss… all of which can negatively affect your job performance.  In a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, 29% of people admitted to falling asleep at work or being overly tired at work, while another 12% said that they have gotten to work late because of a lack of sleep.  Even if you’re not nodding off at your desk, getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night could dramatically affect how well you perform at work.  Getting the proper amount of sleep positively influences your mood, keeps your mind focused and helps to create more positive social interactions, which will all result in a more productive day at the office.

Do you bring your work troubles home with you?  If you have trouble falling asleep at night, stress could be the culprit.  Are you trying to sleep but ideas for next week’s presentation keep running through your head?  Jot them all down.  Nancy Rothstein, The Sleep Ambassador, suggests you “empty your head when you go to bed.  Don’t bring your work worries to sleep with you”.  Keep a pen and a pad of paper on your nightstand to write down any late night ideas or stresses.  Writing down your worries will free your mind to focus about other, more soothing thoughts before bed.

Sleepless in Chicago: A recent study conducted by Sleepy’s revealed the top ten Chicagoans most in need of a good night’s sleep.  Topping the list as the “Sleepiest Chicagoan” is Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who’s high-pressure, high-profile job may attribute to his loss of sleep.  Sleepy’s recently opened 10 stores in the Chicago area, “marking the brand’s first foray outside of the East Coast”.  You can see the full list of sleepy Chicagoans and more information about Sleepy’s expansion here.

Where in the world is Sleepy’s Snooze Director? 

Today, I visited Sleepy’s Syosset showroom where I met Mattress Professional Fred Hall.  Fred was extremely outgoing and very kind.  He told me all about Sleepy’s One Day Sale, going on now!  Today only save up to 75% and every Sealy’s Beautyrest is on sale!  Visit a showroom near you or shop sleepys.com for these great savings!


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Contributor: Elizabeth Murphy

Hot Deals on Cool Beds!

Where in the world is Sleepy’s Snooze Director?  It’s almost 100 degrees outside, and inside our showrooms the deals are just as hot!  Today, I visited Sleepy’s New Hyde Park Showroom, where I met Mattress Professional Mike Luyster.  Mike was very patient and extremely knowledgeable, and he showed me some of the great mattresses we have on sale right now.  If you shop now, you’ll get our Hot Deals on Cool Beds special savings!  Save up to 65% on select beds in store and online at sleepys.com!  Whether you’re in need of a Plush, Pillow Top, Foam, or Firm mattress, be sure to stop by a showroom near you for some really hot deals on our coolest mattresses!

For more information follow me on Twitter and Instagram @SnoozeDirector, like Sleepy’s on Facebook, and be sure to check back here for more sleep tips, tricks, and snooze news.


Contributor: Elizabeth Murphy

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